Tokenized Economy

We are very proud to be an early adopter of blockchain technology. We will not only use this as a business process but also as a wonderful way to help our consumers and partners utilize our #TOKENS4GOOD system as a way to utilize our network and receive ongoing benefits for use on our network.

Simply put, when you purchase something on the Dept. of GOOD platform, you will earn at least 10% of that net sale in the form of #TOKENS4GOOD. Then you can gift them, donate them to our charitable partners, or simply redeem them when you shop on our network. Each #TOKENS4GOOD  will always represent $1.00 of spending power on our network and that value will not fluctuate. The #TOKENS4GOOD  can only be used or redeemed on our platform and cannot be used, traded or otherwise transferred to or on any third party platforms or exchanges.

In addition to signing up for our #GOODARMY and opening your own wallet, you will have the opportunity to be a #GOODambassador and encourage others to shop - giving you the opportunity to gain more #TOKENS4GOOD  and increase your impact.

The #TOKENS4GOOD  are intended only to serve as a medium of exchange on our network and a mechanism to permit holders and users to account for certain transfers of value on our network. The #TOKENS4GOOD  do not afford a holder any form of equity stake in Department of Good, LLC, nor afford a holder any liquidation, voting or governance rights in or to Department of Good, LLC. The #TOKENS4GOOD  are not an investment opportunity, no user should expect any form of appreciation of value from the #TOKENS4GOOD, and the #TOKENS4GOOD do not constitute securities in any jurisdiction.


*USA and CANADA only