Our Story

Department of Good (DoG) is a future-friendly, marketplace community, of conscious buyers and sellers participating in the “Do Good, Feel Good” movement.

We’re on a mission to cultivate and curate innovative products, locally and globally, and build a bridge between the digital world of e-commerce and the traditional retail storefront. We are trail-blazing a different way of buying and selling stuff we like. We are pioneers in a new world marketplace where the exchange of doing GOOD empowers everyone who shares in the new Good Economy.

We are an Impact Company and we’re committed to creating and collaborating with brands and people who give back - offering solutions around demographic, economic, political, and social issues that affect everyone from Southern California towns to developing nations across the globe.

The DoG and its Members have one incredible trait in common – People may forget what we say, people may forget what we do, but people will never forget how we make them feel (Maya Angelou).

We were born in Venice, California in 2015. Since then, we have been totally dedicated to building and partnering with purpose-based brands and community-focused businesses across the globe. Together, we raise funds to help support local, national and international non-profit organizations.

We are powered by blockchain technology that utilises processes to manage supply and demand with the assurance of full transparency and integrity while generating revenue and growing DoG-Family businesses in our own backyard and around the world. Join us on a journey that will change the way people and brands live, work and play together.

Bottom line is our commitment to building a business model that humanizes high-tech, leverages innovation in user experience, and disrupts the conventional by combining commerce, creativity, and goodness. DoG provides a one-stop-shop for conscious consumerism where charitable giveback is built into a shared value system, across the global platform of community-based, experiential retail.