Are you a cause-driven organization?

Hello Neighbor! Thank you for your interest in partnering with Dept. of GOOD. We have four different levels of collaboration:

  1. Independent Retail Store: You would like to carry our product offerings and become a Dept. of GOOD exclusive retailer.

  2. Innovative Product: You have an idea or product needing to be helped to get to market.

  3. Non-Profit Organization: You’re a community organization - national or international.

  4. Brand Partners: You’re looking to join our mission - all sectors of consumer goods welcomed.

Dept. of GOOD is an innovative, for-profit, technology-driven platform for B2B and B2C retail. We create an interwoven ecosystem driven by blockchain, independent retailers, and global communities. We fundamentally believe that community empowerment and support for small businesses will help change our societies for the better. We manifest disruption for GOOD.

We built our business model based on questions and statistics which we felt were important to explore and create solutions for. We passionately believe our model can help empower communities - physical virtual, and like-minded.

  • 97% of all business in North America is small business which employs over 70% of the available workforce. We are slowly seeing the demise of the backbone of our communities, resulting in in less opportunities for people.

  • When we have ideas, how simple is it to bring them to market? Only 8% of innovative products make it to market successfully. We hope Dept. of GOOD will help a portion of the remaining 92% to find the necessary resources and support needed to bring their ideas to the masses.

  • Pure philanthropy is difficult to sustain, especially for the small organizations that do such incredible work in our communities. By creating a system with a giveback built into every wholesale and retail transaction, we can seamlessly share our business model with worthwhile organizations.

  • The landscape of consumerism is constantly and rapidly changing - the shopping experience is become more and more essential. Over 70% of millennials prefer to shop in their local community stores.

  • We are excited at being able to partner and bring innovative and profitable products to the market, knowing that our purchases are not only unique, but that they also support your business goals and all your sales help our communities thrive. At Dept. of GOOD, we are sourcing from around the globe, as we want to introduce new products and brands to North American consumers.

Please explore our exclusive offers to learn more about the level that fits your interest for collaborating with Dept. of GOOD. We look forward to every opportunity for growing our global family.



Please send us an email to [email protected] with some background information on your organization, and we’d be happy to set up a time to discuss ways we can partner.